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Welcome To Project Fix My Life

So I sit here at night wanting to reach out and help you to make some passive income online so that you can up every morning and have more money than when you went to bed.

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My name is Jack and I have just started building out my first WordPress site with the intention of making some money with it.

So why do I Care?

Well, If you have been listening you will know that there are systems in place where you just can’t fail.
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The power of the internet that anyone, even starting with no literacy or computer skills
can sell digital products over the net to people. Find something to sell & someone to sell it too, easy right?

So what does that mean and why do you care?
Well… You will be able to :

Create a Sales Funnel that collects emails address’ /generates leads while I’m sleeping

  • Email these leads daily, automatically using free software/to sell your stuff
  • Promote multiple products to thousands of people that I know are looking for the types of products you’ selling
  • Rank on page one of google for your name or nickname

Try it out if you don’t believe me! I was so excited when I finally saw everything that I had been working towards come together.
Google us…
project fix

into google and see what comes up.

I once heard someone say “The power is in the list”, this stayed with me for months since i first started investing some time searching for a way to replace my bar job working nights with just a small passive income via the internet so that I could finally live the life of my dreams!
project fix my life

Having a mailing list for me started off be me doing traffic exchanges with others who were in the same situation as myself. I was effectively able to trade my email address for other peoples using free safe mailing lists. Once you have a list of 1,000 people all receiving your communications it’s not long before someone who is in a position to be helped can take action. Which usually means money in your wallet for you!

Now that’s possible & with the help of someone who knows you to can start seeing the pounds come into your bank account & the cheques coming through the letter box.
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Project fix my life

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