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I Just stumbled across one of the ‘anti-MAP’ videos on YouTube where some nit-wit is trying to make the point that MAP is a scam and cites all the ‘fees’ charged as one example.

He goes on to point out that each credit pack actually cost $55.69 once all the fees are added, and since you only make $57 back after the ad fund allocation, you’re really not making any money at all.
Of course what the guy fails to explain–either intentionally or out of shear stupidity–is that you don’t pay any fees when you re-purchase CP’s. When amortized over a bunch CP’s, the net amount of fees paid is literally just a few pennies per CP.

He makes a similar mistake in his analysis by failing to assign any value to the ad fund itself, which for many has created more total earnings than the actual profit share.

I just bring this up because some people looking at our business are still getting fooled by these self-appointed ‘experts’ who seem to look credible…maybe even have a large following…but who clearly have no idea what they’re talking about regarding this phenomenal business.
Arm yourself with the facts to able to overcome the nonsense

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So Guys, Why am i writing about insurance?
While working with google adsence….
I notice’d that ad’s for popular & expencive ad’s make more money!
Such as insurance, gamblingm etc 🙂


So like always we draft a blog post with some simple outlines.
So we have a keyword: “Insurance”
What else do we have to do?

Go to Google and find out what google things of insurance

Search results show:

Now we include an image of something similar:


This will leave me some space to talk to you.

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Now that we have a post that’s all about insurance it’s almost time to save it! And make it public.


So what next…
we are going to need traffic to test this out & something to compaire it too.yesterdays results

These where the results from yesterday:

4,000 page views. all with 4-5 ad’s on the page (Thats what gives 24,000 impressions.
they had 3 clicks total… thats all.

And i was paid £2!!
From traffic i already had

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So Let the test begin

I will now send another 4,000 View’s to THIS page.
results will folllow tomorrow..

The goal is to see if we get more than 3 clicks, more than around £0.05 per view now that insurance adverts should show all over my blog 🙂
In theory!


Project Fix My Life – May Update

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Project Fix My Life – May Update

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