Kindle Money Mastery Results


Hi guys thanks for checking back in with me, I wanted to share my kindle money mastery results with you all
Here are my Kindle Money Mastery Results.

I’v been working on a blog

Kindle Money Mastery Results
Getting keywords ranked in Google to get some traffic & it’s worked, but not very many visitors so far but some is better than none.
Check out my analytics post for more info on that.

Recently I’v been looking to find an opportunity where I can sell something or get some money to be honest.
I have about 5 hours a day (work weekends in a bar) but no idea where to go next!

I have also joined mailchimp and clickbank so that I’m able to build an email list & then sell products to the people that sign up but it;s still very early days… had a few signups which is great but only 2 sales
Please advise x

Also if your keen to make some money for yourself check out the rest of my blog and follow my progress πŸ™‚ x

It’s a simple enough process:

  • Pick something to sell on ClickBank
  • Sign Up to Mailchimp & create a landing Page to capture peoples emails
  • Get Traffic (Free Or Paid) Which we will explain in other posts

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How to get ranked in google?

So How do i get ranked in google? I am trying to get ranked in google and have now done so with “project fix my life start here”

searching for start here project fix my life i am number 3 on page 1 on google! :O

So how do I get ranked for a better key word?

well i found this on project life mastery and no longer feel the need to write countless pages as an ebook can bring traffic if you use the resources section correctly in the book/

more to come soon but first i want to test and see if i can get a sales funnel working and a video on auto play so here

Click here for more information

We try and help you leave your job and work from home πŸ™‚

Smashed it!
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How to get ranked in google?

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How To Make Money With Kindle Money Mastery in 5 Easy Steps (With Pictures!)

Hi guys,
you may already know that How To Make Money With Kindle Money Mastery in 5 Easy Steps (With Pictures!)Β is a click bank product offering to show you how to make money with Ebooks in the amazon/kindle store. (Click Here! TO FIND OUT MORE.)

I will go into a lot more detail in the next post I just wanted you guys you understand the basics.

Step #1
Ok so step one is where most people fail!..
It’s where you actually have to do something…
Go to amazon & pick a niche market or product group… Teeth whitening for example was my first ever campaign.
You can pick anything you like but something that would bring people coming back for more and more is always a good idea… make-up… hair products etc work well too.
As long as you have a physical product that you have to actually send to someone’s house you can be confident that what ever it is your selling is fairly Legit. Well… that’s the advice anyway, and I guess it do give me more confidence writing reviews for THINGS rather than info products that are often poor.

Step #2
Ok so step 2 is pretty easy, now that you have a niche, you need to find something people will actually buy, say for example your teeth are black, you probably can recommend Dr White’s, teeth whitening set. Exciting right?
best sellers
Find and gather information on 2 products for sale in the amazon store that go well together..
an example would be maybe an electronic tooth brush & toothpaste/floss.

Step #3
product review
Review both products on a blog somewhere and have links to buy them on the page, you could really do with having your own… specific domain but any free wordpress site will work, but understand you need a blog page that you can sell from.

Step #4
Step four is pretty easy to & after about 6 months of struggling with this I found that mail chimp actually does it for free… You need a landing page, somewhere you can leave an opt-in form as bait and wait for those buyers to enter their details.. futurama’s pink sprungger alienes com to mind…

Step #5
Next you need to identify a specific problem or 2 and create a few different landing pages & lead magnets for the things you found that you can sell/promote to those people interested in teeth whitening kits.

Search for some problems people might be having and try to think how your products would be able to help them, the example here would be to understand about gum disease & broken teeth and explain how your product removes pain & gives pleasure to you if you buy. then add a link πŸ™‚ (don’t forget to capture email addresses off everyone!)
Put all this information in an Ebook with your cures, your free info and your links to the products your selling.

Step #6
publish your book
Publish your ebook in the free books section of kindle &

Step #7
Now you will have gotten to the end of the program & should have a fully set-up sales funnel which includes:
A review site/page for some products your going to be selling.
Capture page’s/Opt-in Forms for those products.
Lead magnets for each product, little explanation of what you have and why people need it.
Follow up email series giving advice & links to your products.
An Ebook with all of this combined so that you can receive residual income.

Step #8
always ask for a review… At the end of your book it’s a great way to get more exposure.

Step’s #9 & #10
Sit on the beach and drink cocktails, #10 while the money comes in x
I hope you found this helpful, more on making money online and life hacks/tips can be found at:

more info on amazon selling can be found here & is what inspired this post:


How To Make Money With Kindle Money Mastery in 5 Easy Steps (With Pictures!)