Project Fix My Life – May Update


Hi guys, it’s been a while!

A friend of mine & mentor introduced me to Vik, Vik is a pro…
I Strongly advice you watch his Free videos on youtube here is a great example of what he provides.

After following his free video course i’v actually implemented a full sales funnel which was a 3 step process

  1. Sent traffic to a landing page (paid, targeted traffic)
  2. Captured email addresses
  3. Sent follow up emails to my opt-ins on my list
  4. Cashed In

To get some of the jobs I was struggling with finished so that I could move on I used

Project Fix My Life – May Update

If you have been following my blog you have probably noticed that since I started, it has changed more than a few times, I couldn’t help but be pulled into one system after another trying to promote 100 different products until I found one that worked… No longer.

You to can get access now for Free!!!

You are personally invited to join out team here

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How To Make Money On The Side

Hi Guys, Please watch the video!

Welcome to Project Fix My Life

Here I aim to share with you some of the Free tools and tricks I used to start an online business & finally started getting paid for my efforts.

There is a simple, effective way to start and grow a business & it all starts with a simple “email auto responder
I Use Power Lead System personally as it gives you 3 essential tools:
You get lots & lots of beautiful email capture/opt-in/landing pages that are really easy to edit.
This is also connected to a series of sales emails that are automatically sent out to people daily.
AND a great commission plan, quite simply EVERYONE should have an email list so getting paid to give away this you can actually start generating some monthly passive billings 🙂 nice right?

I wanted to give you a quick over view of what we have been doing on the team to make some extra income.

For those of you who are totally new make sure you check out this link that explains:

  • How & where YOU get paid to promote Your Own business!
  • How to start a business if you have nothing to invest
  • Plus Loads Loads More!!

How to make money on the side


How to make money on the side



If you want to give away the email system please see  here:

thanks in advance

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Welcome To Project Fix My Life

Hi guys, I’m going to be sharing with you everything that I have been doing this month to do with online marketing. You will have chance to see what has been working, and what’s flopped! Since I began this blog in Feb I am going to share with you what I have been using to get ranked in google and get traffic to my blog & youtube videos, all while building a social network on twitter and others. Free Resources I use daily:

Find out how you can make your first step, Click Here!!!


Craigs list Ad, Click Here!!! Craigs list Ad: List Leverage:

Get loads of email sign-ups for $1 trial List Leverage, Click Here!!!

AddMeFast: Get more likes, followers and subscribers for free Free Followers Etc, Click Here!!!


Million Leads Free: Million Free Leads, Click Here!!!


Project Fix My Life June Update Slice The Pie, Click Here!!!

Make $5-20 for 2-3 hours writing 3-4 sentence reviews on clothing and music. Get paid daily into paypal… From day 1. lazy job, could be done in your sleep. Slice the pie is great if you have $0 to get started as I did, couldn’t even afford hosting when I first got started.


Mail Chimp, Click Here!!!, Free essential resourcesMail Chimp, Click Here!!!, Mailchimp is a free autoresponder, We use this to keep a database of email address’ and contact the people on the database via email to offer them some kind of product/service or a review of something for sale & a link to buy an item.


This is the basic bread and butter of our business. So far I have been able to collect over 1,000 email subscribers to my blog and other capture pages. ytVagex, Click Here!!!, Vagex Is a service that you can also use for free to get more views to your youtube videos.

You can buy/Earn credits (free to earn and on auto pilot, no link clicking etc) that you then allocate to your videos. I believe this is good for the ranking Seo of your video and I know that once my videos got too the 300-600 mark and I stopped using Vagex.. My vid’s where still getting views. Where as videos with 0 its, tend to stay there. By embedding a video from my youtube channel into a blog post, We use vagex to get views for said video increasing it’s page rank 🙂 HitLeap : is a service that will get you traffic while your away from your computer


wantHitLeap, Click Here!!! Clicky is like google analytics But you can use this while you sort your google accounts out and wait for them to be verified. Clicky, Click Here!!!

 Welcome To Project Fix My Life

You are personally invited to join our team here

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