Daily Success Plan – Day 1

Trading in the 4 hour work week

Step 1 – SetUp



Yoo!… I Thought that might get YOUR ATTENTION
Yeah Yeah..
We would all like results like those above..
But it must be really complicated & expencive?

The results above are those of the people in my team
If you have no idea what your looking at then don’t panic..
I’ll Explain

But First you should just sign up for the system I use to do Everything, everything! for me.. Simples.

Once you have an account for ViralTeamBuilder then your ready to go.
Follow these set-up instructions.

Make Account And Setup





Ok, Well.. You didn’t do any of that..
But I did and this is where I’m at.

As you can see, 500 visitors

click day 1

I Joined LeadLightening for $6
and then promoted my link for my viral team builder on traffic monsoon.
Something to sell & somewhere to sell it, simples.
make money online coach

This is my Traffic monsoon account.
The game is:
Buy Traffic (traffic means people, looking at your website)
Get the money you spend.. Plus an extra 10%
from traffic monsoon
In exchange for watching 10 adverts per day

Buy more Traffic, Get More Money, Get more Traffic, Get More Money… Simples.

What is the best ways to make money online

You can get started for FREE

If you have any questions please see the
Frequently Asked Questions Page or

Email me:
Or Sign up now to get part of it!

I’ll be sharing my results & sharing everything along the way.
Thanks in advance

    Daily Success – DAY 2

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