Free Website Analytics

Today you are going to find out how I use free web analytics to aid me make money online
This wasn’t something I really understood or new the value of until I started the
Kindle Money Mastery course that helped me to create this blog!Free Website Analytics

Free web analytics, sometimes referred to as enterprise class analytics, are great for start-up sites, non-profits groups, blogs, etc. They are not as all encompassing as the big guns like Omniture SiteCatalyst, but they can provide you with the basic information you need to start generating traffic, and hopefully converting that traffic into revenue.

Free Website Analytics

If all you need is quick and dirty numbers on how your website is doing but don’t care for the extra bells and whistles, we suggest checking Enter your URL in the box and the page populates with information such as Google PageRank, Syndication, Social Bookmarks, Backlinks, and more. The information is very basic and does not include information about individual visitors or conversions, but it gives you an overall picture of your website status.

I found this helpful after I had been trying to send traffic to something I was promoting and wasn’t sure if anyone was ever looking at my content… bad times
But now that I’v spent a week or two adding social buttons and ranking some keywords in google along with setting up my twitter account and facebook to auto post all of the posts/pages from my blog, I have started to see traffic every day.

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