So Guys, Why am i writing about insurance?
While working with google adsence….
I notice’d that ad’s for popular & expencive ad’s make more money!
Such as insurance, gamblingm etc 🙂


So like always we draft a blog post with some simple outlines.
So we have a keyword: “Insurance”
What else do we have to do?

Go to Google and find out what google things of insurance

Search results show:

Now we include an image of something similar:


This will leave me some space to talk to you.

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Now that we have a post that’s all about insurance it’s almost time to save it! And make it public.


So what next…
we are going to need traffic to test this out & something to compaire it too.yesterdays results

These where the results from yesterday:

4,000 page views. all with 4-5 ad’s on the page (Thats what gives 24,000 impressions.
they had 3 clicks total… thats all.

And i was paid £2!!
From traffic i already had

Don’t forget Traffic Monsoon Pay’s us to use it’s traffic!
What is Traffic Monsoon
Click the banner for FREE MONEY 🙂

So Let the test begin

I will now send another 4,000 View’s to THIS page.
results will folllow tomorrow..

The goal is to see if we get more than 3 clicks, more than around £0.05 per view now that insurance adverts should show all over my blog 🙂
In theory!

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