Kindle Publish

kindle publish is one of the great things we can do with our time.

when we know how to publish to kindle there is no limit to how many streams of income we can have.

After watching this videos I hope you can see the benefits of kindle publish and amazon sales.

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I started publishing ebooks at the end of 2014 and now that im 3 months in i can already start to see some passive income comming into my account’s on clickbank and amazon.


If your not much of a writer then don’t worry, all of the parts of the course are step by step and can be outsourced (this is a very popular way of getting free lance writers who will do all your work for you for pennies using sites such as or elance for some of the bigger jobs you may need further down the line.

It’s Friday night now and this would usually be my time to get ready for a night shift at work or be on the way to go and see my family but now that i have seen for myself some real results I am glad to stay at home and watch a movie while i do some more research on my next book ready for realise next week.

Using i have set up a few sites that have great information on and with those are some affiliate program adverts that you can easily find via a google search. This is a great way to sell things that you know people are reading about when they have brought your book and let them know about your site!

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