Trading in the 4 hour work week

Trading in the 4 hour work week for 5 minutes of work a day seems like a crazy idea!

It just doesn’t make sense does it!?
How can you make enough money in 5 minutes a day when your already working 50 hours a week and just getting by…

The self Help books are good…
The friends are sometimes helpfull.. Not often 🙁
The Med’s Help… A little

Trading in the 4 hour work week

But going to work still sucks man!
Being your own boss is so much better Sometimes

If you have been promised riches before and been burnt its hard to not hate this post…
But it’s true that Traffic monsoon pay you to view 10 ad’s per day…

The basic game is simple…
For $50 we buy advertising for something basic, we can advertise a popular product called Lead Ligthening.. Catchy right? everyone needs leads!

For that $50 we get.:

  • $55 cash
  • 1000 or so Advertising Credits
  • Access to Earn per click Adverts


So we buy an advertising pack and click our ad’s and as we get paid $1 per day Thats the catch… theres always a catch!
We hope.. but don’t need to
That some of the traffic we paid for will bring us some sales.
Simple right?

But if we DONT MAKE any Sales you still earn $55 from your original $50… Wow amazing right!trading in the 4 hour work week


But enough to quit work and go to sleep on the beach and turn your phone off?


We found that if we earn one for free or buy one… we can just earn and buy more with the profits..

Some people are are day 100 or so of this…
Look whats happend….day 100

If you have enough time and energy to invest even half your brain into learning how to click your mouse

you can actually work 5 minutes per day

Trading in the 4 hour work week

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