Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money Now

Hello World

Iv been Buying Gigs off Fiverr.com for a few months..
Those of you who don’t know what fiverr is, it’s where you can get a task done for $5.

I have been using this to find art’s people to do some of the image work on here, but now im using it..

How you should be using it!

I set up a few simple gig’s that I know I Am able to do in under an hour..
This is my Fiverr.com post:

Click the picture below to see my fiverr gigs.

Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money Now

I am selling access to my user list and helping other get there marketing business off the ground.
I will write about:
You or Your product on my Project Fix My Life Blog with
s.e.o and keywords in mind.
My Site is already on the first page of google and getting daily traffic.
You can be part of it this Any of my fiverr gigs.

For default 5$ gig,
I will write 300 words article about your product or your service
and add up too 3 images you send me.
Choose my gig extras for more results.

Also, after the article is published, I cannot change the url for the article. So if you want to decide for yourself a title, please choose my gig extras. Thank you

What are you waiting for?
Let the world know about you or your products!

Deliver in a day $5
Add Unlimited Urls, Pictures & Videos to the article $5
Put the article in my twitter feed to automate traffic from my 10k followers list, $5
Email My Blog User List of over 2,000 people about your product or service $5
Send you 100 visit’s to your website $5
Send you 25 clicks via email marketing $5

As you can see it’s nothing special.
I recommend setting up your own fiverr account so that you can do “procust reviews” & “reviews”
They are nice and easy and they are deffo good fiveer gigs to get you started

Hope this help’s some of you..
I will of course keep you updated on how my fiverr gigs do.

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Working from home is easy when you have the right tools!

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My Fiverr Gigs can be found here

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Easy Fiverr Gigs To Make Money Now

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