EasyHits4You Results

Hi Guys
So I’v been using easyhit4you

To get Free Traffic to my offer & it’s been going well.
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EasyHits4You is a traffic exchange that allows you to earn credits with your free time by viewing ad’s.
In exchange people with watch Your sales video (For the broke mans plan)
Some people to think this isn’t worth your time but I promise you, if your starting out from nothing you can genuinely get traffic on demand!
I started using the service around a month again an see that my visitors have dramatically gone up & I now get some visitors on auto pilot

Just remember, always send your traffic to an email capture page so that you can contact anyone that may be interested.


Power Lead System, it’s a free auto responder that I use to collect leads & Design email capture pages like this one:

I Found that by targeting the people on EasyHits4You, people that are clearly in a position looking for something that will help them make money online, that these people if given a get of instructions on how to duplicate what myself and others are doing to just recruit  2 people and use the tools to get those 2 too teach another then that’s where the real money is!

We can do this by giving away value…

So I searched and searched for a program that could be promoted to anyone, by anyone and still get a steady stream of referrals coming in.

Using a system that is free to join and gives you all the training on how to collect a lead, convert and connect with them until they are a sign up & then how to replicate the process

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