How To Start Making Money Online Now

So we all want to know how we can start to make money online now but what are the real secrets? Find out here first!

How To Start Making Money Online Now

Here at ProjectFixMyLife we are here to help you make your first $1 online.

With the help of some of the tools that are available online for totally free we are able to sell digital and tangible goods to people without ever having to see them.

I have been searching for ways to work for almost a year now and the fact that you are reading this means that some of the things that i have put into place are effectively working. All that i had to pay for was my website (£5) this included a year of hosting and a domain which I got from godaddy & means that what ever I create is mine! mwahaha

But where does a total novice start? Well first you need to understand some things:

Your aim is to create a site (Don’t worry it only has to be One page!)

How To Start Making Money Online Now

That allows people to send you money to your bank account at any time, even while your asleep!

So there are a few ways to do this but understanding the basic concept that we will explain latter in more detail that your power is in how many people view what ever it is your selling and that all the buttons on the page work so that people enjoy the experience & can trust you that they will get what they pay for.

If your interested in finding out more about the whole process,

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